3 Journal Prompts That Will Improve Your Life Right Now

In grade school, after those flash math drills, my next most favorite assignment was writing prompts. I would salivate about the next topic we would receive to write about. As an adult, I can’t resist buying books that come with writing prompts. I find writing to be an incredible outlet and escape. A way to pour out creatively what is stored up within, and a way to escape to another reality when the present one is less than ideal. That’s what those prompts gave me growing up.
Now if you’re not someone who enjoys writing or journaling, allow me to persuade you.
Here are a few benefits of journaling that I personally enjoy most: 
  • A way to connect with and draw closer to myself.
  • A creative outlet to release what is stored within.
  • A way to find clarity and strategy when I am unclear.
  • An escape to a new reality when the present one is less than ideal.
So, for my friends who love a good prompt, or if you’re just a someone who wants to better themselves, here are 3 of my favorite journal prompts to assign clients to bring them into the present, restore the past, and glean from the future. 

Each prompt is designed to bring you closer to yourself and forward in life. 


See what I mean when you try them out yourself.

  1. Write a letter to your younger self. Tell her what she or he needed to hear instead. Read it to yourself in the mirror when done. Chances are you still need to hear it.

  1. Write about the perfect day one year from now. How are you living on that day? What parts of that day are you living right now? Where can you adjust in order to add more? Make that your focus for the day. 

  1. Write a letter from your 80 year old self. What wisdom does he or she want to share with you? To take it further, imagine yourself having lunch with them. What would they say? Go with the first things that come to your mind. Then write it down and implement it. 

Journaling is a great self coaching tool. But we could all use a little extra support. Want to explore these topics further in coaching? Hop on my calendar. Let’s chat! 

Not a fan of hand writing? Type it up on your computer, or in the notes section of your phone. I promise you won’t want to miss out on the benefits of these personal growth exercises.

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