3 Simple (and Underrated) Coaching Tools You Can Use Everyday

If you aren’t actively working with a coach, here are 3 [underrated] coaching tools you can use today to help shift your mindset:


🎶 Choose an anthem or life theme song 

Some of your favorite artists are actually great coaches when you tune into the lyrics. What’s a song that embodies the energy you want to create in your life? Play it to celebrate and remind yourself of who you are/who you’re becoming.

📖 Use an anchor verse or life scripture

Reading the Bible or any spiritual text can be a powerful way to renew your mind and shift your thinking daily. Choose one that truly encapsulates your desire for life  or your mission and remind yourself of it as often as possible. Words become reality.

❓ A question you’re asking yourself daily

There are a thousand and one questions that float through our minds daily and pull us in every direction. Choose one to really focus in on every morning (I share mine below) to help you move in the same direction daily.

To deepen it: Journal every day about what new meaning you can cultivate from the day’s events, observations and emotions. ✍🏾

Here are my song, verse, and question this week: 

🎶: ‘Legend’ by Drake, which reminds me I’m the only one who can be who I am. 

📖: Psalm 1:3, which says I will bear fruit in EVERY season and thus prosper in ALL I do. 

❓: God, what are we doing today?

Remix it. Make it your own. What are yours? Drop your 3 in the comments. 🙂♥️

I use all kinds of coaching tools to help my clients move forward. Journal prompts, challenging questions, and accountability actions, to name a few.

If you’re ready to dive deeper, check out my offers and see if we are a good fit.

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