A Day With Your Future Self

One of the activities I love doing most with my clients is introducing them to their future self. I have many ways of doing this, through journal inquiries, vision exercises and actual life application opportunities. 

The beauty of meeting your future self is that you realize that who you are now and who she is then have very little between you, than time and a few behavior shifts to get you on track to being confident.

I wrote “Go Be Her,” as a tool to help women check in with themselves daily, so that they are living well and balanced lives on the journey to becoming the woman of their dreams. 

There are a ton of exercises, prompts and life application activities that you can use to implement a lifestyle of ease and grace and become more in tune with the highest version of yourself. 

I’m feeling generous today, and decided to share a list of questions I prompted today’s client, to help her reconnect with her future self today. The focus was being able to afford a number of expenses that had arisen due to a big shift the client was making in a few weeks. Which is why we leap right to what’s going on in this future woman’s bank account. 😀

You can find the rest of the questions below. And maybe you’ll find your HER too, as you dive in. 

  1. How much money does she have in her bank account? 
  2. Who is the woman that has that much in her account?
  3. What does she focus on? 
  4. What does she do? 
  5. What does she sell? At what cost? 
  6. Who is her audience? How does she show up in front of them? 
  7. How does she serve them?
  8. What does God say to her each morning? 
  9. What is/are the scripture(s) that leads her life?
  10. What habits and hobbies does she enjoy?
  11. What habits and behaviors does she avoid?

Spend some time with these questions this week and see what you discover about what you truly want.

Here are two prayer points to add: 

1. God, please give me the faith to believe these expenses and this lifestyle is possible with ease.

2. God, please reveal to me any sabotage of the woman with the wealth I have in mind, whether it be me or external. Reveal and destroy it so that I can become the blessing you are calling me to be.

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