Your Weekly Retreat

Here you’ll find thoughts, tools and prompts to help you step away from the broken cycle and see more clearly how to claim your freedom.

When you don’t feel safe…

With just over $500 left in my account, and 30% of my retirement account withdrawn, a carry-on, a book bag and the blessing of a

Rethinking Discipline.

People often associate discipline with problems and lacking fun. I on the other hand, believe that discipline can be applied to everything, including the lighthearted

Challenging Your Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic that comes off as a negative reflection of our past shame and judgement. This inner voice can often halt

A Day With Your Future Self

One of the activities I love doing most with my clients is introducing them to their future self. I have many ways of doing this,

Time for a Mid-Year Reset!

People often associate June 1st as the start of the second half of the year, but to the contrary, we’ve only completed 5 months at