From My Notes: On Quitting and Leaving

Instead of worrying about disappointing others when you pivot out of that relationship or marriage, job or career path, or whatever routine you’re afraid to step out of that is utterly destroying you…. Be more concerned with disappointing yourself and future bloodline when years from now you’re still there and worse off than you are today.  


I don’t know who needs to hear this but eff them, and pivot. 

Maybe it’s the fact that you spent so much on the wedding and fear your guests will judge you for it not working out. 

Chances are they aren’t thinking about it that way and would rather you be happy. Anyone who would rather judge than see you happy wasn’t supposed to be there, and you should consider making your circle smaller for your peace and personal protection. 

Same goes for your career path. If it’s making you miserable and you know you were born for more, move. Anyone who would rather applaud you for your title than see you happy needs not be in your audience. If they can’t see your value outside of that title, THEY are not your people! 

Start loving yourself enough to lose people who only love a version of you who no longer exists. 

Get yourself out of that box they put you in for their approval. 

You were indeed made for more. 

Love you. 

End rant.



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