From the Desk of Bex and the Heart of God: Reflections from my Journal Part 2

Admit it, you just don’t care enough. 

(I wrote this to myself or maybe it was God to me, but essentially, it was the moment I discovered, I didn’t actually care enough before now to be with anyone. And it showed.)

You want a relationship, and everyone else thinks you should be in one by now. But the truth of the matter is you can’t be bothered. The idea of entertaining a man, and bending over backward to keep him happy makes your stomach turn. Deep down you fear it will end like all the rest, so why bother?

You don’t care to prioritize your nails, or getting the dress, or keeping your hair cute all of the time. It’s not that you can’t afford it. It’s just not a good time for all of that right now. And that’s okay. Admitting that is okay.

Acknowledging that you’re not fit to be a relationship right now because you have other priorities is a better way to get prepared for one. Trying to do both will only lead you out of order. Prioritize yourself and your wellness, until it becomes natural for you. Then you’ll be ready to make room to adequately support someone else.

Plus you’ll attract way better from there. When you’re taking care of yourself for yourself, that is called self love. And when you love yourself well, you attract those who love you well as well. When you are not, you attract others who will love you the way you love yourself, and if you’re neglecting yourself already, you’ll likely feel neglected in that relationship.

A lot of us are insisting on doing this out of order because we get caught in the web of what others think we should focus on, and that leaves us going no where. Start putting yourself first and watch how things start to fall in line because you got quiet enough to do the work.

What’s the work? It’s getting raw and vulnerable about how we see ourselves and building a new life that reflects the person we actually are becoming. A life of love for self and God that attracts more love and abundance to enjoy it with. I’m just here to guide the journey and push you into the voice of God, where you’ll find all the Life Insights you need. He loves you and He’s waiting.

You don’t care enough right now, and that’s okay. When you do, you’ll be ready.

(Starting a series that his been on my heart for some time now, where I share vulnerable excerpts and entries from my journal. I feel God has a lot to say through me, and I have not been obedient with it. This just a warm up. They get spicier. Stay tuned.)

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