7 Reasons You May Not Be Ready for Life Coaching:

Let’s get real about why we wait.

I’ve compiled this list of reasons why you might not be ready to begin coaching. Oftentimes people use money as an excuse, but usually there is something else going on. I’m not here to judge what is a good excuse, neither should you judge yourself. 

But one thing I do know is that starting from the truth is the best way forward.

  1. You’re not ready to let go
  • You like the way things are and don’t see a need to change them.
  • You don’t like the way things are but you don’t see a need to change them.
  • You’re not ready to let go of the former things of doing things. New is too scary/daunting.

2. You’re not able to prioritize yourself right now

  • You’re in a temporary stage of life where you need to prioritize someone else so you’re not able to invest fully in yourself right now.
  • You make excuses to care for everyone else but yourself

3. You’re waiting to be rescued- for a wand or prayer to come and wash away your issues.

  • You’ve lacked accountability for a while because most things have been done for you.
  • Your ways won’t work, and you’re not willing to try what will because you want it your way.

4. You feel you deserve the mess you’re in. 

  • I won’t even address this one. There’s grace for everything. Repent and receive your inheritance. 

5. Victimhood feels good. 

  • Ask me how I know. Been there. Felt it. Feels familiar. And familiar feels safe. But the consequences are lethal to your dreams. Healing takes work. 
  • You’d rather blame others than take accountability of your own progression.
  • You’ll be ready eventually, but for right now, it’s up to someone else to pull you up from there.

6. Pride, ego, & shame.

  • There’s a generational pattern in your family of pride, ego, and shame that keep you from admitting you need help. 

7. Financial reasons. 

  • You’re barely able to cover essentials right now, so a luxury service like life coaching is not a priority.
  • I am trying to live up to someone else’s expectations of me or debunk what others think about me, and my finances reflect this.
  • Due to a combination of the I am not prioritizing my financial wellness.

*Bonus: You may have had a bad experience with someone else, whether therapy or life coaching. Having a coach or therapist you deeply resonate with is absolutely critical in it being productive relationship. Do not rule it out altogether, every coach isn’t for every body. Keep trying till you find the right fit.

I don’t believe there is anything necessarily wrong with any of these perspectives. I do, however, believe they can all be overcome. 

I also know that it starts with making a choice

God wants to help you with all of the above. And I’m here when you’re ready. 

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