How to Restfully Sow Positive Seeds into 2023

I like to think of things a lot in terms of nature. I find that my mind usually goes to seed and harvest metaphors when it comes to explaining the things of life and situations that come up in life coaching sessions. Christ also did the same (see: the parable of the sower and the, one of my faves.).

I believe that the first few days of the year are seeds you sow for what you actually want to see in the rest of 2023.

I like to use them as a time to reflect on and get clear about what I truly want to see. 

I also try to steer clear of anything that is in conflict with who I am becoming and the things that I want to see. Whether that’s people or practices or even obligations that do not put me in a high vibration.

I’ve compiled a list of some activities I do to sow those seeds well. Maybe they will help you get clear too.

8 Simple & Productive things to do TODAY to start the new year well:

  1. Write out a vision of your perfect day ten years from now
  1. Create a digital vision board on Or just simply screenshot some things you want to see in 2023 and put them in a folder on your phone.
  1. Sit still. For 5 minutes or more, silence everything around you and be completely still. Ask God to show you what the vision for 2023 is. Or try a guided meditation on YouTube.
  2. Call a friend and share your 2023 vision with them boldly. Bonus if you can hear theirs two and pray together when you’re finished. Coming into agreement with someone about it is very powerful. Be careful though. Make sure it is someone you trust and know they want you to succeed.
  1. Write a list of who you are no longer being in 2023. This is a powerful way to mentally pull yourself out of negative patterns and habits. What did you used to be that held you back last year. Identify the characteristics, write them down, and set the intention to be the opposite of whatever that is this year.
  2. Do absolutely nothing, and enjoy it. Practice a life where you get to do absolutely nothing and feel good about it. 
  3. Break away from the things you hate for a bit. Are you working a job you hate, or in an environment you know is not producing the results you need to get to your dream life? Try to break away from it and sow an hour into the things that make you happy.
  4. Pray. Talk to God about what He wants from you this year, in order to get what He wants for you. Then strategize a way to align quickly.
  5. Start a prayer wall. If you do nothing else on this list, do this. Gather some of your favorite verses from the Bible that have impacted your life, and begin to write each one on its own sticky note. Post them up on a wall or behind a door that you pass by often or in your closet. If you don’t know where to begin, open up Proverbs and start to select the scriptures that jump out at you and express something you want to see in your life. Stop by this wall at least once a day (even on your best days), and read and pray as much of the scriptures as you can of them so that you are sowing new seeds of joy and His promises into your life that will eventually bear fruit.

Bonus: If you have the energy, sow one small physical seed toward the future. This could be completing one application, making a change to your LinkedIn page, starting the outline for something you’re writing like a book or proposal, giving to someone in need (give to yourself into a savings account if it’s you) or dropping and doing 10 pushups, if you want a better body for the future.

As I type this list, I am sipping on my favorite coffee, streaming my favorite prayer platform, moving slowly, and relishing over how sweet life is, while preparing to sow seeds into my future by marking some IT homework off of my to-do list. This looks a lot like how I want my year to go, and I am happy about that. 

Also, monitor your thoughts this week. The seeds you sow mentally will likely be what you see. Notice what is weighing on you and decide what you are going to change about it, lest they point you in a direction you don’t love.

Anxiety can be high right now as we all think about whether we are doing enough to create a good year.

Everything may not be perfect now, but they can change quickly if you sow the right seeds. Even the smallest deposit will make a difference. 

How are you spending the first week of the year? Make sure every seed you sow is one, whose fruit you will enjoy and not endure in the future. 


I’m Bex, a life coach trying to put herself out of business by equipping you with tools to sustain your goals and happiness. I do this by connecting you back to the voice of God so that you can be in partnership with Him, which I have found to be the surest way to life of continual joy. 

I wrote a book that helps too. ‘Go Be Her Your Self Coaching Guide Back to You’ is loaded with exercises like this that keep you in alignment with the dream you want.

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