I think it’s funny how…

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of confirmation that my intuition is strong. It’s ironic to me that, I often questioned my intuition because the men I dated, insisted it wasn’t true.

I’m finding the same to be the case for so many of the women I work with in my coaching practice.

And for many of us, it didn’t start there. For many it started at a very early age.

You walk into a room and know that something is off, the tension is high, emotions are on edge, but you’re told every thing is okay. It challenges our developing intelligence and our ability to believe what we are feeling.

To be told so many times what you’re feeling isn’t true, deprograms your ability to trust this tool you’ve been given called intuition. And quite frankly, it’s robbing us of our super power.

I get the feeling the enemy of this world seeks to destroy our ability to trust ourselves, our gut, our intuition because he knows once we activate it, we’ll find ourselves in safer relationships and environments, fulfilling the calling we were put here to complete. Your intuition and ability to trust yourself are incredibly powerful in moving you toward your dreams.

So, I’m here today calling it out of you. Your intuition is not wrong. You should trust it. Learn to see opposition to it as a guide to your truest light.

Your intuition is not lying to you. Start learning to trust your inner guide again.

I’m currently living an absolute dream because I finally decided to get clear and start hearing her again for myself. She’s happy, so I’m happy. And the path is already set.

So, cheers to the journey ahead! And don’t forget to trust YOU first.

Because it starts with you.

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