My Fave Body Care Products While Living in Nigeria

I have officially been in Nigeria for the past 11 months. And many cannot fathom why someone with a blue passport, who could venture almost anywhere in the world, would choose the hot sweltering sun beating down all day and long gruesome car rides in traffic that Lagos is known for. 

I can imagine their concern. Both of the above mentioned conditions can take a toll on your patience and your self care. 

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of products to consider for your next trip to a hot, dry or tropical climate. These products are all sustainable, produced by Black owned businesses and can be found on Not only will you be supporting a black owned and sustainable brand, but these products are sure to keep the soft life vibes going.

I’ve linked each product so that you can learn more directly on the site, see other reviews and specs and place an order for anything you like.

First up, we have these multi-use wipes by Honey Pot.

In Nigeria, I’ve found that depending on where you are, about 70% of the restrooms will have some but not all of the bathroom essentials such as soap, running water, toilet tissue, or waste bins. This makes things pretty complicated when you’re on your cycle, or if you just want to be sanitary in general. 

These sensitive wipes are a great back up, if you’re in a restroom that is not stocked with toilet paper. These wipes are safe for your lady parts and can be handy in predicaments such as that, if you are not easily irritated in that area. And of course for the constant heat, these wipes can be used to keep your forehead or upper lip free of sweat. That stiff and sticky feeling you get from sweat drying on your face all day can be quite uncomfortable. One swipe of these wipes will have you feeling refreshed again. 

Next up, we have this amazing spread of natural deodorants to choose from.  

I ordered the All-Natural Deodorant Sample Box, which comes with five types, but I’ve linked the individual product links below, should you prefer to order a full size of your own. 

Deodorant is a daily essential wherever you are in the world. But particularly in climates that stay above 80 degrees on most days. Over the last few years, there has been a rapid move to natural deodorants, as we all avoid the cancerous chemicals that have been discovered in mainstream products. 

In my personal journey, I’ve found that the body needs a fair amount of time to release the buildup the old products left behind. And the body lets off certain odors as it detoxes. So if your fears about leaving the toxic deodorants is the rancid smell your pits will give off at first, just give it time. Use wipes periodically throughout the day if it becomes too unbearable. Stick close to people who will understand your desire to be sustainable and toxin free, and they’ll let the smell pass too for a bit. But it’s really not that bad, and your life’s longevity is of far greater value than a few weeks of manageable body odor. 

Months later, the stench is completely gone and I am fully adjusted to natural deodorants. I ordered a rack of options from Blk + Green because I wanted to find the perfect fit. So I will be sharing them in order of least favorite to the best, in my opinion.

Probiotic Deodorant by Beija Flor Naturals

This stuff is interesting, because I think it’s actually doing the work, but it feels like its not. A probiotic is meant to manage the bacteria in an area so that bad bacteria leave and only good bacteria remain. I feel the tingling sensation that I believe are the probiotics doing their thing to fight existing bacteria. It’s just that with that is this very icky residue that makes you feel like you’re sweating all day even if you are not. So I would only recommend this if you in fact have bacteria that needs to be tackled but not if you’re trying to stay dry all day. 

Activated Charcoal Deodorant by Piper Wai

I love this stuff. I love anything charcoal really. Charcoal, when ‘activated’ is an agent used to absorb toxins, thus limiting their harm to the body. This deodorant also has a menthol that leaves your underarm area feeling minty fresh. 

Funk Butter by Oyin Handmade

It works! It works wonders actually. And this would be number one if it weren’t for the dense consistency. The instructions are to take a small bit and rub it between your fingers/hands to soften it.  However, it’s so dense you have to dig a portion out with your finger nail, and it doesn’t quite soften. It flattens into a clay like substance that barely rubs on. This leaves little “lint like balls” under the pit, which are not cute if you’re wearing a sleeveless fit. It does however do the job times two. I notice that I barely need to reapply even after a shower the next day. So while it’s hard to get on, it’s also hard to get off. Which is not such a bad thing because it means it’s doing its job– well into the next day too.

Deodorant Balm By The Healing Place Apothecary Ok this stuff takes the cake.  It’s easy to dispense from the container. It goes on smoothly. And it lasts all day. The container is compact and portable and can slide into a small purse easily, not that you would need it because like I said, it works all day. But I just love how compact and easy to use this one is. 

Bonus: Pit scrub, also by The Healing Place Apothecary 

Pit Scrub is great to have in your repertoire to tackle dark spots and scars that form from bumps and in-grown hairs. I started using a pit scrub two years ago. I felt the dark spots in my underarm area were too far gone and a lost cause because I always shaved and didn’t start waxing until about 3 or 4 years ago. I thought I’d have to be editing the underarm area in swimsuit pics for the rest of my life. I was wrong. Pit scrub works. As long as you are using a pit scrub, you will keep the ingrown hairs from forming and keep dead skin from clogging or irritating the skin. 

Now on to some face care, shall we?

Face care is important when the sun is in your face all day. We all know the essentials such as sunscreen and a nightly face care routine to keep a balanced tone and avoid damage to your skin in harsh climates. Next, I am sharing two face masks with healing properties that are great for combatting the heat and harsh air in your travels. 

Papaya Bright Exfoliating Face Mask by Golde

This mask makes me feel and look like money. I always get compliments on how wealthy I look from the glow this mask gives me. It’s a great exfoliant and somehow just brings out my natural beauty. My skin feels so smooth and radiant when I use it. 

Rose Clay Face Mask by Hunny Bunny 

This mask is also a great exfoliant. It leaves more of a matte finish than the papaya mask above. But my face still feels so smooth and extra clean after using it. The breeze feels a bit cooler hitting my face following the use of this mask, which makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud after each use. 

Check these and other yummy, useful, sustainable and Black sourced products out over at Blk + Grn.

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