On Hidden Talents

Matthew 25:14-30.

The Bible is sometimes more explicit than we sometimes acknowledge.

The man with one talent chose to allow his fear to keep him from producing from the talent he was giving. So he hid it. In verse 25, he says, “I was afraid, so I went and hid your talent in the ground.”

While the word ‘talents’ in this passage refers to a form of currency, it can also be applied to the natural skills and gifts we are divinely given to fulfill the mission for why we are here.

So many people forfeit their talents because of the environment they are in and the people they are surrounded with.

I believe that one of the main reasons that people hide their talent while they are here on earth is fear of the thoughts and opinions of others.

We are too busy with the following:

  • Minding other people’s business
  • Trying to control other people’s outcomes
  • Fearing what others will think or say
  • Fearing making people uncomfortable by being good at something
  • Trying to keep everyone happy

All of it is self-sabotage.

The thing about thoughts and opinions is that they have no weight in this world. They are based on a summary of assumptions created from personal experience that have nothing to do with what is real and present and unique to YOU.

Talents on the other hand, are a weight measurement. They hold weight. In the actual biblical sense. But additionally, talents in our lives hold weight. They give us value. The spirit of competition often seeks to diminish the perceived value of a thing in order to make itself feel better than. This is why it is so important that we take care to adjust our environment and circle to ensure that we are not in community with people who desire to hide our talents.

This could also be equated to business owners and how they operate within partnerships and with their employees. If they misuse, mistreat, or abuse their talent sent to help build and prosper out of ego, fear of how it will go or something else, they are fumbling the bag and setting themselves up for a disappointing return.

We make people, ourselves and fear our idols when we overprotect our talent, and allow this to stop us from producing the thing God has placed us here to do.

We have to stop minding people’s business and mind our own using the talent God has given us. What is that for you? Is it writing, is it speaking, is it dancing, is it leading? Whatever it is, it’s time to unbury it and come out of the closet.

There are people counting on it. There are people in need of it.

Unbury yourself from the trap of people’s opinions, and set the world ablaze with your talent.

A lot of us are waiting on our close family and friends to validate our talents. Meanwhile, time is passing, the world is groaning in anticipation for it’s arrival (Romans 8:19).

More often than not, our family and friends are not our ideal consumer of the talent to begin with. Whether it’s their experience of your history together that clouds their ability to see it, it’s actually none of your business. Your business is to complete the mission for why you’re here. Not even family should be able to deter you.

How do you deal with your fear so that it does not get in the way of what you produce?

Confront your fears. Be honest about them. When hidden in the darkness, that is what allows them to dominate. Expose them to light. Be honest. Tell someone, write it down. If they feel irrational and out of your control, take them to an expert such as a therapist. Confront them, then deal with them.

Proper environment. Surround yourself with people who do not make you feel small. Go around people who are activating their talents. They will rub off on you. And you will gain clear strategy on how to multiply your.

Filter outside opinions through the voice God and vision He has given you. If someone is saying something that does not align wit the vision God has given you in the intimacy you’ve cultivated with him, then it’s time to leave.

Put the blinders on. Put the blinders on your race horse and get going. You have things to do, and people to reach with your talents. You won’t get there hiding, playing small to make others comfortable, or worrying about what others think of it.

(I will share more tips in my next post specific to combatting self-sabotage, so check it out.)

The world is waiting for what you have to offer. What you have to offer will bring it peace, and you more prosperity.

If you’re struggling today to see this, take it to God, repent, and tell Him you’re ready. He will align you accordingly.

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