Revelations from the Heart of God: On sex & marriage

While I am not in the business of sex and marriage, I often get these revelations that I can’t help but share. Maybe they are just for me. But I hope that by putting them here, someone else who needs it sees it too.

I do not intend the solve the world of marital issues with this post. This is simply one angle I had never considered that the Lord dropped in my thoughts while in prayer/dialogue.

Some women love their husbands, but are not sexually attracted to him. They just aren’t turned on anymore, if ever at all. 

This in and of itself isn’t an issue. It is, however, when they think the solution is to let him have other women. Such a decision that will always drive a bigger rift between the two, though it may temporarily let the woman off the hook. It will open the gates to hell, if the spouse is not careful with who they choose. Really, any door it opens is detrimental to the marriage, no matter how saintly the other is. It breaks the covenant made with God, thus exposing the union to evil. Delusions and discord then enter. 

This is the case with many pastors. I recently heard a story of a woman who confessed mid-service that she was sleeping with the pastor, and it sparked multiple other women in the congregation to admit the same. You wonder how a minister ends up being exposed for sleeping with multiple congregants. The wife likely gave him license because she did not know how to entertain him. And it opened the door to the destruction… of many. 

The solution: Pray that God heal or remove whatever is blocking you from fulfillment in every area of your magic, including sex.

We often do not know how to pray for sex in marriage, because we were trained to abhor it before marriage. 

If you are married: Pray for a new Rhema (revelation) and fresh experience of sex and that the union be renewed. God will do it. 

If you are single: Pray for the  Rhema of sex with your future life partner, before you enter the union. Pray it lasts. And it will.

Everyone: Pray nothing comes between you and your spouse/future spouse. Pray anything waiting for a later date to enter and cause destruction be destroyed before it comes.  

I pray that it is enjoyable and refreshing for all, and that it or the lack of it does not open the door to unnecessary strongholds that seek to dismantle the family and the Testimony of Christ.

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