Time for a Mid-Year Reset!

As we approach the mid-way point of the year, it’s a great time to start resetting now.

People often associate June 1st as the start of the second half of the year, but to the contrary, we’ve only completed 5 months at this point. Never fear, we have one more month to tackle before we get there. So if you’re feeling unfulfilled or like you have not accomplished enough yet this year, 1. Relax, there’s still time for a miracle, and 2. I’m here to help!

Today, I am sharing 4 objectives to help you reset as we approach the second half of the year. Rather than enter the second half feeling dejected, unbalanced or simply unclear, now is the time to retreat and get clear before it’s here. Take the time to reflect on these questions and prepare for a miraculous, smooth, balanced and productive conclusion of 2022.

Whether it’s an hour long personal retreat at home or a weekend getaway for some deeper reflection, use these 4 objectives to help you get in the groove.

1. Acknowledge one miracle (blessing or good thing) you received in the first half of the year.

2. Write down one miracle you’re expecting in the second half of the year. This can be something you’re already working toward or trusting God for.

3. List one habit you’ll shift in order to align to the above mentioned miracle. Is there something you need to let go of or start doing more of? Don’t wait, set the intention and start today.

4. When is my next break? Put it on your calendar. (Bonus: Tell a friend for accountability)

Want help to dive deeper and get clear? Schedule time with me here.

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