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As I reflect on this moment in the second half of what has been, by far, my best year yet, I linger in gratitude. I am writing this from my homeland, Nigeria, where I just received documentation of my dual citizenship. Wow– never would have guessed this would be me. I never had interest in moving to Nigeria, living in Nigeria, or going through the process of Naturalization here. But wow, here I am.

It has been a very rewarding processing getting to know my family on this side of the world. And though many of them are blocked now on all of my lines, it is a gift to know them and where I come from. I’ve learned a great about myself through this process and what is necessary for me to fulfill my mission in life. I feel more clear on my connection to God than ever before. The God that answers by fire has truly been showing up for me lately.

Something that I am working on as I prepare for my long awaited book release is laying a more solid foundation for my business and finances. I truly have been walking on water (Matthew 14:27-33) in the last year and seeing the miracles. I prayed for increased faith in 2020, and that lead to a big leap that required full trust in God. My newly restored trust in His love, presence and help as a result of this prayer, has brought me very far into the vision that I always knew He had for me. I’ve let go of fear of judgement about my life’s path and fear of things not working out. And now that I am in a clearer, healthier place spiritually, it’s time to build my house on a rock and not sand (Matthew 7:24-27).

What that means for me is slowing my travel and focusing on laying roots. I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, because I’ve grown so accustomed to living out of my suitcase and always having my next flight booked. Ah– the thrill of travel! And at the very same time, I am so excited about this because I am really enjoying my life in Lagos.

I know that I will continue my travels as I’ve yet to see Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Australia and Maldives. My recent spontaneous tour of London, Paris and Dubai in the same week, has satiated my appetite for a nit in terms of travel. I’m super content. More on that later!

Costa Rica was a joyous part of my journey, but at the end of last year I started to feel that there was more to explore for me.  After all, Costa Rica had been my very first solo travel experience (yup, I packed up what I could fit in carry on and back pack and moved to Costa Rica alone on a whim in February of last year. Don’t miss part 2.) I knew now that I had gotten the fear out of my system, it was time to see the rest of the world. And what better place to start than your homeland?

The thing about visiting Nigeria, talk less of living there is, the country has been a source of deep trauma for me. My younger brother died here in 2009, after a short bout with an extreme case of malaria. I had very deep fears of coming here due to this experience and the fears of the countries healthcare systems. But I knew I could not let these fears rule me. Those fears coupled with the political unrest here and recent sacrifice kidnappings, killings and extortion, gave me plenty of reason to not see this as the next option. But the spiritual rebel in me and the clear confirmation from God, made it a no-brainer instead.

So, I’m here. Having a ball, growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Making incredible new friends. And understanding the beauty of connecting to and understanding your roots.

I’m doing my best live everyone to keep boundaries around my peace with all that is happening in the world. I am continuing to master myself, my balance, and my peace within as I assist other women in doing the same where they are. 

Business has continued to fascinate me as women from all over the world are discovering me, booking sessions and finding freedom. This month, I’ve offered veteran clients a 30% discount on summer sessions as a seed of gratitude for this wonderful like and how things are going. (If you’re a former client reading this and missed that email, check your spam and add me to the address book! ;))

I’m just so happy and grateful for you reading this, and would love to continue the journey with you. If there is anyway that I can support you in your journey, let’s talk. Schedule an inquiry call and we’ll discuss how I help women get clear of the emotional confusion, and move forward as they reconnect with God and their mission.

I’m here for you! Hope to chat soon! Sending a big hug!

Coach Bex
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