What To Do With Those Mysterious Awakenings at 3 in the Morning

You roll over in the middle of the night and suddenly you’re wide awake. No catalyst, no crying baby or barking dog, no alarm, no cars, just silence and vibes. Maybe it’s a different time each morning, or maybe it’s the exact same time every time (3:22am for me). And you want to go back to sleep because you haven’t had a full 8 hours yet. But for whatever reason you can’t.

We know deep down that there is something productive we could and should make of it, but we don’t know how. So we gently snuggle back under the covers, close our eyes, say a silent, “thank you God,” and drift back to sleep.

If you’d like to be more productive when this happens, here are a few things you can do to maximize the moment the next time you are mysteriously awakened by this force in the wee hours of the night.

The first thing to note is that this phenomenon is known to some as the “witching hour,” the hour between 3 and 4, where dark magic is allegedly its most powerful and the dark world is closest to the physical world. I believe things only have the power you give them and that this isn’t an hour we should be afraid of or resist. And if that is in fact true about the witching hour, what better time to pray! To oppose the dark and protect your family from the enemy roaming about.

Other research says when this happens, it is a sign of something being brought to your awareness from the spiritual realm.

Regardless of your stance on what is causing it, here are 3 things I highly recommend doing at that time to maximize the moment.

  • Reflect. Recall the dream you may have been having and reflect on that or anything that weighs on you in that moment. See what He may be trying to shine a light on.
  • Pray. He may bring to mind a loved one or someone else. Perhaps it is someone who is in distress and in need of prayer, or someone who is about to face a big day and is in need of prayer. Pray for them.
  • Write. Write down any ideas that come to mind. He may be giving you strategy for a profitable idea. And it’s such an urgent need in the world that He waited for a moment of complete silence to reveal it to you.

Whatever you do, don’t resist it. Sit up and quietly listen to what it is that He wants you to know.

A lot of great things can happen in the silence. If 3am wake ups are the only time you have that, by all means, tap in.

Happy awakenings! 🙂



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