Life Strategy Retreat

For professional women and women solopreneurs, who are done feeling stagnant and ready to take the weights off, so that they can get clear about where they are going.

With this 3-day retreat process,

You will be able to reconnect with the voice of God by being still and guided through personal scripture He downloads during our time together.

Bex began studying and memorizing the Word in an after school youth Bible program, where she went on to compete in national events winning awards for her scripture recitation skills.

Those skills are used today to guide her clients to the voice of God using his word. 

In this process, you will also discover your inner child, and meet your future self.

By the end of the retreat, you’ll be able to see that you were here all along. You just needed to clear some things out of the way.
There is a very important purpose on the inside of you and the easiest way to fulfill that purpose is to remain aligned with yourself and God daily.