Book Update + Addressing Your Fears

Truth be told, I am mortified.

I submitted the final edits for “Go Be Her” yesterday. Like any creative reaching the end of a project where it’s supposed to be ready for public consumption, I’m mortified.

What I’ve come to accept is this:

60% of people won’t care it happened

20% just might hate it happened 

And there’s that other 20%. The only 20% I am focused on. That’s the 20% that just might be changed by it. 

That’s who matters.

And that’s why we do it anyway. In the face of fear. 

Also, while we’re on the subject of fear: 

Write them down. 

Say them out loud.

Expose them to the light.

Something about knowing they’re true makes it feel a little lighter and gives you clarity about how to create a better strategy. 

And if you need help diving deeper, you’re why I’m here. Let’s chat!

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