Musings on my ideal client…

One of the first things you want to do when building a business is discover who your ideal client is so that you can market to them with ease.

I’ve spent many years narrowing in on who my ideal client is. I am so excited about the greater clarity I get each day as I just dive in and trust. Today. I’ve written some thoughts on who she (or he) is.

These are simple words written in my journal:

“My ideal client is progressive but indecisive. She knows how to take action, but often puts others before herself, which tends to result in regret. She loves God and people, but often feels like neither is pleased with her. She thirsts for more of God, but does not know where to begin with getting closer to Him. She thinks she loves herself, but isn’t sure because she often still feels sad. She treats herself, but often feels guilty afterward or has to talk herself into it. She overthinks because she wants everyone to be happy. And that usually comes at the expense of herself.

The problem with this is its holding her back from the true impact she is meant to have in the world.

She can book a VIP day with me to reset everything. She can book a one-on-one retreat virtually or in person. She can book 6 or more ongoing sessions with me to just have me in her pocket helping her rethink the ways she’s been lured into these mind traps.

We talk racism, misogyny, misandry, femininity, cleansing and balancing, heart matters, relationships, growth, asshole bosses, self judgment, ambitions, projects, goals and everything in between. We pull everything out, and decide what gets to stay, what needs go because it was placed there for the wrong reasons. And we “build it back better.” (LOL) But really, we decide what we want to paint with and what is in the way of painting the masterpiece you imagine.

This is what we do. And what happens is women are more confident because they feel seen. And are put together more wholly, without the lies we are told for other people’s comfort and safety at the expense of our own.

I work with men too. We have the same issues when you boil them down. And we all need to feel seen.

This is what I do.”

And that is it folks. That is what I do. Those are who I serve. And it will begin to get more and more narrow. OR maybe it won’t. But I love who I’ve gotten to serve and look forward to who God will send next.

If it’s you, and you resonate with what I’ve written, let’s chat!

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