Overcoming Unmotivation: Here’s Your Inspiration to Get Back on Track

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, and you have a hard time getting up in the morning and taking care of yourself, chances are things have piled up and the self judgment, guilt and fear of responsibility are causing anxiety and dragging you into a depression. 

The Why: you likely were harshly judged and criticized for missed responsibilities in your childhood and as an adult you shutdown when you feel you’ve failed at being on top of everything. 😣

The Action: Start with one thing, even the smallest thing. That burst of satisfaction and achievement will pull you out of the funk and you can use that as fuel to do just one more thing until you’re back to being yourself again. 

Space it out if you need to. Do one small thing. Celebrate for the day and do another small thing the next day or the next hour. 

Don’t wait too long to celebrate your wins and celebrate even the smallest of wins, you deserve to be celebrated and celebration gets us to the next big thing. 🏄🏾‍♀️

Overcoming unmotivation is easy when you focus on the small parts and celebrate yourself to get back on track.

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