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Here you’ll find thoughts, tools and prompts to help you step away from the broken cycle and see more clearly how to claim your freedom.

More on Fear. Hint: Allow it.

I feared that by posting that I had a 5-star rating on my first published book, that someone would come along and want to change that, and that is exactly what happened. Today as I went to retrieve the link for a buyer, I saw it. Someone had come and given it a 2-star review. 

Breaking Up to Align

I get it. That every day struggle between wanting more and wondering if you’ll ever have it all. Last year, I became a big fan

A Novel Idea

So here’s the idea: Title: Becoming a Life Coach: The road from freelance to full throttle. Copy: You. Just. Keep. Going. —- End text—— That’s

The Power You Allow

‘ Ready to take your armor off and access your power? I just concluded a very powerful coaching session with one of my incredible clients

If You Need…

…a thought partner …a safe place to process your ideas …to gain new perspective …to plan for the future …to level up in all areas

Becoming my own #BodyGoals

It’s safe to say, we all got a little lax with our fitness and health goals in quarantine last year. Ok, maybe not all of

The Lies We’re Told

Over the last 18 months, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on how corrupted and corroded our lives have become because of the