Your Weekly Retreat

Here you’ll find thoughts, tools and prompts to help you step away from the broken cycle and see more clearly how to claim your freedom.

On Spiritual Warfare…

This is my gentle approach to warfare that guarantees the win. Jk, with Jesus, we’ve already won. Here’s how I stay well and at ease

On Self Sabotage

My face when I’m listening to an op, who’s pretending they’re not an op. In my last post, I shared on the story of the

On Hidden Talents

Matthew 25:14-30. The Bible is sometimes more explicit than we sometimes acknowledge. The man with one talent chose to allow his fear to keep him

PUBLISHED 11:13PM 5.20.21

I’m sitting here, on my 4th (mini) cup of coffee since 9:00pm. It’s now 10:58pm, and I craving a 5th. The milk here doesn’t get

Untitled: On Loving Self First

I don’t want the love that I once gave because it was forced, tampered and tainted by the “love” I’d been receiving.  I want the